• One Way

    One Way is a free typeface designed by Intercity to mark the beginning of the new year - an occasion that currently seems more important than ever.

  • Fedrigoni 366

    Fedrigoni 366 is an annual publication and calendar featuring 366 (it's a leap year) leading creatives. Our abstract design interprets 19 October 2020 and is printed on Fedrigoni Woodstock Camoscio.

  • Zero for Wired

    We're pleased to say that Zero, the free typeface we released at the start of this year, has been used for a feature about Google's Moonshot Factory in the March issue of Wired magazine (UK edition).

  • Zero

    Zero is a free typeface designed by Intercity to celebrate the start of the new year and decade. Inspired by the profile of railway tracks, Zero's modular construction combines rigid angles with geometric curves.

  • Plymouth Design Forum

    Referencing mathematics-based Voronoi diagrams, our submission for the Plymouth Design Forum 400 x 400 Design Challenge was inspired by the theme of Territory.

  • Birmingham Design Festival 2019

    Intercity were invited to produce a poster for Black & White, a show curated by Phorm to open the 2019 Birmingham Design Festival - featuring contributors such as Anthony Burrill, Michael C Place and Rude.

  • Studio XX

    Studio XX is a personal project from graphic artist (and Intercity collaborator) Toby Neilan in which he's illustrated the interiors of 20 UK-based design agencies - including the (now previous) Intercity studio.