Looking For The Cloud

Created in partnership with Re+Studio and The Eden Project, Intercity have created a flexible identity and prototype illustrated children's book for technology-based education project, Looking For The Cloud.

A response to the increasing energy demands of the internet and 'The Cloud', Looking For The Cloud aims to encourage users of online services to think about how the internet uses power - including the fact that it has a carbon impact - helping to raise awareness and promoting a more sustainable future.

The abstract cloud shape we created for the logo-mark is based around a bespoke grid - meaning that the form of the cloud can evolve, while the identity remains consistent. We then worked with recently-graduated illustrator Poppy Crew on the look and feel of the prototype children's book, visualising the narrative with a series of colourful, engaging and inclusive images.

For the final project phase of the project, the book will be augmented with a chatbot accessed via a downloadable app.